Defensive Services

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Anticipating threat materialization represents state-of-the art security practices. Our CTI solution correlates raw data from all over the Internet and enhanced them into Intelligence. CTI provides real-time threat landscape and supply intelligence to our different solutions & services like Avanguard Overwatch, Avanguard Incident Management Platform and Avanguard Threat Forecast.

Perimetric Security

Harden your boundaries. Based on layered defence principles, security must be applied at each layer, from physical connectivity to human behaviour.

Preventive Services

Governance - Risk - Compliance (GRC)

Information and Cyber Security need to be managed from the upper layer of the decision chain. Providing GRC at Enterprise level ensures alignement with company’s strategies, risks management and stakeholders (shareholders, regulators and customers)


Avanguard provides full or on-demand advisories about managing digital security on all the business domains (energy, transportation, finance, healthcare, ….)

Data Protection

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the next challenge that EU companies are facing. We support you in the complete cycle of data protection regulation and aligning with Regulation requirements.

Secure Development & Code Review

Applications represents a major attack vector for adversaries. Securing application at the development level provides a stronger security exposure by anticipating and preventing security flaws being exploited.

Detective Services

Security Operation Center

24/7 infrastructure monitoring enables you to identify potential security issue in a timely manner and react efficiently.

Security Event and Incident Management

Correlating infrastructure behaviour enables your company in identifying relationship between attacks attempts and materialization, through predefined or engineering pattern matching.

End-user behavior based analysis

Users are your security weakest point. We provide our solution to monitor their behaviours through baselining and we raise an incident in case of devotion.

About Us

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